Pen and Ink, Digital Painting, 22.9 cm ~ 30.5 cm (9 ~ 12 ), 2010
The second of three illustrations in a series inspired by my interest in the anatomy and volume of flowers. Each genus is depicted floating above a megalopolis and inspected by various curious characters.

This image was featured in Taiwan-based illustration and design publication dpi Magazine's Design Stars Boulevard vol.12, a special edition on meticulous art. My specific article's title can be loosely translated "The Extension Lines of Imagination."

It was an honour to be selected among such diverse and inspirational artists as junaida, Kris Kuksi, Bente Olesen Nyström, Tomislav Tomic, Marie Desbons to name a few, as well as to join my wife Kelly Murphy, who had been featured in the very first volume of this series, Design Stars Boulevard vol.1.

Many thanks to editor Vicky Liao for the opportunity.

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